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REMAINING MEETINGS FOR 2012 – The STTP will hold its remaining 2012
general meetings on the following dates.  Please mark your calendars

Tuesday, October 2
Monday, November 5
Friday, December 7

The October and November meetings are from 7-9 p.m. at the Vestal
Public Library.    The date and location of the December meeting have
changed (details below).

OCTOBER 2 – The meeting will include a new segment called What’s on
Your Mind?  Please come prepared with news items to share and discuss
or about which to ask questions.  Refreshments will be provided.

NOVEMBER 5 (MONDAY)/ELECTION EVE – We’ll have an inspirational speaker
to honor veterans, discuss the value of voting, and offer thanksgiving
for our country.  We’ll have an honor presentation by local veterans.

The meeting will include a food drive.  Please bring a non-perishable
food item to donate to the Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse (CHOW -  You can also donate
money to CHOW.

DECEMBER 7 (FRIDAY) – Our second annual joint Christmas party with
Americans for Restoring the Constitution (AFRTC -  The party will be held at Brothers 2
Restaurant in Endwell.

The party will feature guest speaker Mr. Jim Walker on “The
Bullet-Proof George Washington” and a white elephant gift exchange.
Additional information about the party will follow in future
communications.  Reservations for the party will be accepted at the
October and November meetings of both the STTP and the AFRTC.


headlined the STTP’s September meeting and gave a presentation on the
enumerated powers of the Executive Branch, the history of executive
orders and how they have been used and abused.  His main points were

-It is no coincidence that Article I is the Legislative Branch making
the center of power the Congress.  “Congress is built for restraint,
not speed.”

-Article II is the Executive Branch to administer from the people and
to do the will of the Congress.  “Without the separation of power is

Executive orders are written or oral declarations by the President
upon the approval of the Congress.  President Lincoln issued three
orders; Reagan issued 346; FDR issued 3,000.

Aside from Attorney Sacco’s presentation, our enthusiastic audience
greeted David Mihalik, president of the Binghamton University
Republican Club, and three of the club’s members who accompanied him.

Mr. Mihalik said that the club is now 100 members strong and outlined
some of their yearly events.  These include the placing of 3,000 flags
in memory of those lost on 9/11 and a reading of their names, a debate
between the BU Republican Club and the BU Democratic Club, and holding
rallies.  They also hope to host Anne Coulter as a speaker in the
spring.  Their main objective is to educate, and they are glad to be a
part of the STTP in our efforts to promote our mission.

The meeting also included a ten-question quiz on the Constitution.
Jane Stebela reviewed the answers with attendees to find out if they
were “smarter than a seventh-grader.”

Approximately fifty-five people attended the meeting, and we collected
a little over $100 in donations.  We also distributed free pocket
Constitutions to attendees.

RECENT BoD ACTIVITY – The Board of directors has confirmed Gene
Clayton as the newest members of the Board.  Mr. Clayton is a retired
history teacher from the Union-Endicott school district.  He plays
guitar in a bluegrass band and organizes a local annual bluegrass
event.  Mr. Clayton will be asked to become the new treasurer of the

STTP Secretary Jan Spoor will keep a monthly attendance record for
meetings and will work at the sign-in table.

AFRTC OCTOBER MEETING – The AFRTC will hold its October meeting on
October 16.  Mr. James Sacco will present on Article II of the U.S.
Constitution:  the eleven Enumerated Powers of the Executive Branch
and the use of Executive Orders.

NATIONAL TEA PARTY PATRIOTS – If you have a computer and can access
the internet, please consider joining NTPP
(  There are no membership dues, but
they do ask you to contribute occasionally for events they are
sponsoring. They are trying to increase their national membership.  It
is a great website and will keep you up-to-date with legislation that
we need to act on in some way.  There is a lot of other information
that you can read and research as well.



GOTV OPPORTUNITIES – The STTP has provided many opportunities to
become actively involved in this year’s election.  Several candidates
have come to present their case for deserving your help, as they hold
the Tea Party principles and mission.  Some of you have signed up to
help a candidate.  If you did this but have not heard from the
candidate, please let Jane Stebela know by e-mailing the STTP
( and put “Jane” in the subject line or by
calling the STTP phone number and leaving a message.  If you did not
commit to helping anyone’s campaign but would like to help in some
way, use the same contact information and methods.

The general public starts paying attention to candidates in October
and they will need all the help they can get.  Phone calling,
postcards, emailing, yard signs, and sign waving at busy intersections
are just some of the ways you can help.  If you aren’t able to
participate in any of those activities, please consider a generous
donation to the candidate.

Please remember that STTP cannot use organization funds for
campaigning or to give to candidates.  Individually, you can help any
candidate in any way.  You are acting as a citizen, not a Tea Party
member.  The local Republican Party is requiring candidates to finance
the first $10,000 of their campaign before they will help financially.
Very little help is received locally from the state or national
Republican organizations.  As most of us now realize, it’s often “he
who has the most money wins” in politics now days.  It shouldn’t be,
but that’s the reality of the situation.  Again, please contact Jane
Stebela and/or come to the October 2nd meeting to sign up for a way
you can help.


STTP MONTHLY NEWS BRIEFING – If you know someone who doesn’t have
e-mail but would like to receive the News Briefing, please contact
STTP by e-mail ( or phone and supply the name,
address and phone number of that person.  We will send a copy by U.S.
Mail to those who are members for free.

Non-members need to provide a stamped, legal-sized (long) envelope
with their address written on it.  Non-members are also encouraged to
provide twelve prepared envelopes that will be kept by a board member
who will send the News Briefing each month.


JOIN US – We are only three members short of reaching our goal of
fifty for 2012!  Please consider helping us reach that goal by
December.  Dues are $20 for an individual and $30 for a couple.
Please remember that your membership runs from the month you join in
2012 to the same month in 2013. This is our primary source of funds to
meet our expenses.

MEMBERSHIP CARDS – If you have not picked up your membership card,
please do so at the October meeting.  Please keep this card with you,
as it is your receipt for membership payment and identifies you as a
qualified voter.  Also, if you have not received a copy of the STTP
Bylaws and are a member, you can get one at the sign-in table.

The News Briefing is a publication of the Media Committee.  If you
have feedback for the committee or the editor you can reach them at

“To Motivate and Inform”