77% of Americans want government to reduce deficits* 71% of Americans want to cut government spending* 62% of Americans believe cutting taxes – not more spending – is best way to create jobs* Federal spending has increased more than 108% … Continue reading

Savings Lost: Update on the True Cost of ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy)


 As seen on advisorperspectives/dshort.com .. http://advisorperspectives.com/dshort/guest/Chris-Turner-130306-Savings-Lost.php Savings Lost: Update on the True Cost of ZIRP By Chris Turner March 6, 2013  Print Page     Stanley Druckenmiller spent some on CNBC discussing the malinvestment and misallocation of resources due to the … Continue reading

Broome County #25 in nation for highest property tax rates


Take 1,823  counties in the U.S. Rank them by Property Tax as % of Home Value where highest (worst) = 1 and lowest (best) = 1,823 Count down 25 counties from the top (worst) and what do you find? Answer: Broome County.  This study … Continue reading

Dear Mom, you are a rotten cook

Well you were tired of cooking anyway ;)

Put yourself in the shoes of a mother in Hoke County North Carolina who packed a wholesome lunch for her 4 year old only to have a Government Inspector take Mom’s lunch away, give the confused child chicken nuggets and then send a bill home to Mom. And what was in the lunch? A turkey sandwich, fruit, juice, and a few chips. Continue reading