Acclaimed Local Speaker & Constitutional Expert now at LibertyHQ.US

Local Attorney and AFRTC Board Member James A. Sacco has a new site:


Those who have attended our meetings know that Jim Sacco is an authority on the Constitution from his several presentations. Mr. Sacco has that rare ability to communicate complex topics with clarity, insight and apparent ease.

An extraordinarily gifted speaker, he  regularly addresses large groups concerning the Constitution, Christianity and Culture.

Contact him to speak at your next event or meeting!    Go to LibertyHQ.US

I love my country. I love people. I love to motivate people and tell them about what has made America “the last best hope of man on earth”. I do that by taking these passions and my experience as a trial lawyer and speaking to groups that want to learn how to make themselves and this  country better.
I always tell people “speak the truth with courage and moral clarity”. I practice what I preach.”