Levin: NeuroSurgeon on ObamaCare

The excellent Mark Levin takes a call from a neurosurgeon recently returned from a briefing in D.C. about what Obamacare will really mean for those over 70 years old.

*   VideoLink: NeuroSurgeon explains ObamaCare to Mark Levin   *

The doctor explains that if a person, called a “unit” in the HHS (Obamacare) documents, walks into a hospital needing stroke  therapy but is 70 years old – he or she will be offered only “comfort care” unless they receive special dispensation from an “ethics committee” of bureaucrats. Which is to say, unless you are a VIP, you can forget about it.

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All of Mark’s previous shows are archived on his website and are available free of charge with no registration required. This show was from May of 2012.