How To Kill 11 Million People

Have you ever wondered why and how genocides are possible? Typically the victims far outnumber their murderers. Why do they submit?  andyandrews-150x150

Bestselling author Andy Andrews explores this and other timely questions in his book How To Kill 11 Million People: Why the Truth Matters More than You Think During 2012 I heard a Rick & Bubba radio interview with Mr. Andrews that described a process that sounded frighteningly familiar. The book is short, easy and profound. Moreover the book is strongly non-partisan, those left of center should not be offended by this historical investigation.

11 Million is the number killed by the German Nazi regime between 1933-45. Andrews says he uses the Holocaust as an example because of it’s familiarity in the west. Yet, as the book outlines, there many are other genocides and mass murders, larger and smaller, that have followed the same pattern. Of particular note with the Nazi example is the method by which people were targeted and society dismantled. The history of the pattern is remarkable as it gives shape to causeways of evil throughout the ages and depth to the question ..

“Does it matter that millions of ordinary citizens have checked out of participating in the decisions that shape the future of our country? ..”

 Detainees board a train to a Nazi concentration camp.





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