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Arranged alphabetically by author.



The Real Thomas Jefferson

Allison, Maxfield, Cook, Skousen

The Real Benjamin Franklin

Allison, Maxfield, Skousen

America’s Godly Heritage

Barton, David

Benjamin Rush

Barton, David

Bulletproof George Washington

Barton, David

Celebrate Liberty

Barton, David

Ethics – An Early American Handbook

Barton, David

Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers

Barton, David

New England Primer

Barton, David

Original Intent

Barton, David

School Prayer and other Religious Speech

Barton, David

Separation of Church of State

Barton, David

Setting the Rec St: Black and White History

Barton, David

The role of Pastors in Civil Government

Barton, David

The Second Amendment

Barton, David

The Spirit of the American Revolution

Barton, David

Wives of the Signers

Barton, David

The Law

Bastiat, Frederic

Common Sense

Beck, Glenn

The Original Argument

Beck, Glenn

Economics for Real People

Callahan, Gene

The Faith of Am First Ladies

Cook, Jane Hampton

Twenty-first Century Highways


The Roots of Obama’s Rage

D’Souza, Dinesh

Now Tell Me I was Wrong

DeWeese, Tom

A Brief History of Modern American Conservative Mvt

Edwards, Lee

America’s Prophet


The Art of Virtue

Franklin, Benjamin

Capitalism and Freedom

Friedman, Milton

Getting America Right

Fuelner, E.

Real Change

Gingrich, Newt

Rediscovering God in Am

Gingrich, Newt

Politically Incorrect Guide to Constitution


The Federalist Papers


Economics in One Lesson

Hazlitt, Henry

The Patriot’s Handbook

Heartld Inst

Liberty’s Best Hope Am Ldrshp for the 21st Centry

Holmes, Kim

Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism


The Shadow Party

Horowitz, David

Unholy Alliance

Horowitz, David

A Simple Gov’t

Huckabee, Mike

Do the Right Thing

Huckabee, Mike

Rules of Radical Conservatives

Kahane, David

A Short Course in Global Governance

Lamb, Henry

Agenda 21 Sustainable Development

Lamb, Henry

The Rise of Global Governance

Lamb, Henry

Are the Rich Necessary

Lewis, Hunter

Lives of the Signers

Lossing, B.J.

Politically Incorrect Guide to The Founding Fathers



Metaxas, Eric


Mises, Ludwig von

The Theory of Money & Credit

Mises, Ludwig von



A Hunger for Liberty Leads to the Declaration

Mostert, Mary

The Threat of Anarchy Leads to Constitution

Mostert, Mary

Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism


Politically Incorrect Guide to Great Depress & New Deal


Constitutional Chaos

Napolitano, Andrew

A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity

O’Reilly, Bill

Culture Warrior

O’Reilly, Bill

Pinheads and Patriots

O’Reilly, Bill

The No Spin Zone

O’Reilly, Bill

The ACLU VS America

Osten, Craig; Sears. Alan

Common Sense

Paine, Thomas

Going Rogue

Palin, Sarah

The Real George Washington

Parry, Allison, Skousen

Soldiers, Statesmen & Heroes

Parry, Jay A.

The Tea Party Goes to Wash.

Paul, Rand

End the Fed

Paul, Ron

The Revolution:A Manifesto

Paul, Ron

How to Read the Federalist Papers

Peacock, Anthony

Age of the Unthinkable

Ramo, Joshua

Atlas Shrugged

Rand, Ayn

Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal

Rand, Ayn

The Fountainhead

Rand, Ayn

The Virtue of Selfishness

Rand, Ayn

Shariah:The Threat to America

Report of Team B

What has Gov’t Done W/Our $

Rothbard, Murray

The Patriot’s History Reader

Schweikart, Dougherty, Allen

Liberal Lies about American History

Schweikart, Larrry

Seven Events that Made America America

Schweikart, Larrry

The Survivors Club

Sherwood, Ben

The Five Thousand Year Leap

Skousen, Cleon

The Naked Capitalist

Skousen, Cleon

The Naked Communist

Skousen, Cleon

The Big Three in Economics

Skousen, Mark

The Making of Modern Econ

Skousen, Mark

Wealth of Nations

Smith, Adam

We Still Hold These Truths

Spaulding, Matthew

Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades

Spencer, Robert

Elementary Catechism on the Constitution of the US

Stansbury, A.

Rediscovering the Ideas of Liberty – Raffle

Stedman, David

Seven Miracles that Saved America

Stewart, Chris

Betrayed by the Bench

Stormer, John A.

Beyond Friendship

Thatcher, Margaret

The Coming Insurrection

The Invisible Committee

Democracy in America

Tocqueville, A

Dangerous Road: The Nuclear Policies of the Obama Admin


Comeback America

Walker, David

Rules of Civility

Washington, George

Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design Jstebela

Wells, Jonathon

Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism

Williamson, Kevin D.


Woods, Thomas E.

Nullification:How to Resist…

Woods, Thomas E.

Politically Incorrect Guide to American History

Woods, Thomas E.