If you’ve thought about learning more about how our government was designed to work but can’t quite get around to it or feel overwhelmed, we can help!

The Southern Tier Tea Party has a great record of providing programs that making learning easier. In addition to targeted group programs we have a variety of media, materials to reinforce your learning or serve as standalone resources. Plus we have regularly presented wonderful speakers on a variety of topics pertaining to civil government, the Constitution and founding documents, history, and current political events. Highlights from the past year included:

  • Three part Step by Step Intro to the Constitution
  • Mr. James A. Sacco, Esq. on The Legal System and the Constitution
  • (Many) Debates among and Presentations by Local Candidates – from all parties

Today we’re teaming with another local grassroots group American’s For Restoring The Constitution, AFRTC, to continue this important service. AFRTC typically meets on the third Monday of every month in the Vestal Library. See Calendar

AFRTC and STTeaP also share an extensive lending library of recent bestsellers pertaining to civil society, governance, politics, and economics. Members are welcome to borrow a book at any meeting.

If you haven’t yet really looked at the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and other founding documents – you will be amazed by the logic, art and beauty of the system that was created 230 years ago. Give it a try – you’ll be glad you did!