Dr. Ben Carson for President ?

“Ben Carson for President” ..  this was the title of a recent op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal in response to Dr. Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. Apparently it struck a cord.

Click here for story and video from theblaze.com 


Hmm. Makes you wonder .. Marco Rubio has the Republican SOUnion response, again. Rand Paul is providing separate Tea Party SOUnion response, again; Karl Rove and company seem determined to split the party rather than acquiesce to the base. Could a “walk-on”, a “man of color”, a man with an easy manner and gift of speech, a man who openly cites his love of Jesus – a pediatric neurosurgeon no less – could he be the one who ends up ‘healing the nation’  when it’s all said and done?

One thing for sure, BO wasn’t enjoying his performance – the video is worth watching for that alone.

FWIW the author saw Dr. Carson speak at a graduation ceremony nine years ago and can attest this his attitudes are consistent  from that time.