American Action Network

AMERICAN ACTION NETWORK (AAN) – Mr. George Phillips presented an
opportunity for us to be actively involved in the 2012 election cycle
at our August meeting.  The American Action Network is doing a
three-question survey in Congressional District 22.  The questions

-“Do you support the job that Congressman Richard Hanna is doing?”
-“Do you support the job President Obama is doing?”
-“Are you interested in helping AAN spread the principles of free
markets, limited government and fiscal responsibility?”

An opening statement is provided to identify who you are, and for whom
you are doing the survey.  All of this is done using a program on a
computer that does the dialing and provides the next name to call
automatically.  You wear a headset and have a mouse to click on the
yes/no/indefinite/refuse to answer response choice.

Good hearing and the ability to use a computer mouse are essential and
being friendly on the phone to complete strangers is important.
George needs to make over a thousand calls a week, and soon that
number will increase.

If you can help, please contact Jane Stebela as soon as possible.
Jane is trying to get ten callers who will be willing to work the
phones on Thursday evenings from 4:00 to 8:30 through November 6th.
You don’t have to come every Thursday nor do you have to work 4 1/2

The AAN office is a block from the Westside Plaza on Main St. in
Johnson City, where Aldi’s is located, and is in back of a tan brick
medical building.  There is a sign posted on the glass door.