A Hockey Stick even Wayne Gretsky couldn’t handle

Ever wonder why and when medical costs got out of control? It’s really not hard to see.

Why does everyone clamor for coverage? Because of the high cost of care!

For hundreds of years medical costs grew at the same pace as everything else. Until, that is, the late 1960s when the federal government stepped in with the introduction of medicare. Since then it’s been all up hill for the consumer.

The “hockey stick” graph of medical costs really tells you all you need to know about what’s wrong with health care in America and it isn’t the private marketplace. To the extent that insurance companies are to blame, it’s because they are in bed with politicians. Big government runs up the price of a good or service then demands that we sacrifice our freedom to get relief.

So what’s the answer? Simple! Get the government completely out of medical care. Phase out medicare. If there is to be “safety-net” of aid to the elderly than let it be a simple distribution that can be spent as the recipient sees fit. Prices will eventually normalize. Patients will, one day, again deal more directly with doctors and hospitals. No bureaucrat will need to “cost control” your twinkie intake.

Wayne Gretsky is commonly regarded one of the greatest hockey players of all time. We suspect that if socialized healthcare is enacted – hockey will one day be outlawed for cost control reasons.